All information you need to know about Sacramento. Magnitude 3 and greater earthquakes are printed in bold type. Home / Breaking News / BREAKING NEWS: 7.0 EARTHQUAKE HITS NORTHERN CALIFORNIA 265 Just minutes ago, a 6.9 to 7.0 quake hit near Ferndale, California just north of San Fransico. The 2019 M6.4 and M7.1 Ridgecrest earthquake sequence occurred in the eastern California shear zone (ECSZ). Prepare by planning and practicing for evacuation: Take a few minutes with your family to discuss a home evacuation plan. Though earthquakes have troubled the Bay Area, is Sacramento susceptible to feeling the same effects? Javascript must be enabled to view our earthquake maps. To access USGS earthquake information without using javascript, use our Magnitude 2.5+ Earthquakes, Past Day ATOM Feed or o Visit Sacramento's most reliable source for breaking news. After an earthquake occurs, you may need to evacuate your home and/or the area. Sketch a floor plan of your home and identify the main evacuation routes. TONOPAH, Nev. (CBS13) – A 6.5-magnitude earthquake in Nevada was felt across our region on Friday morning. Shakemap of the earthquake provided by USGS. Sacramento earthquake latest breaking news and updates, information, look at maps, watch videos and view photos and more. Although the written history of California is not long, records of earthquakes exist that affected the Spanish missions that were constructed beginning in the late 18th century. Plan a second way to exit from each room or area. Earthquakes recorded for the last week (168 hours). The mainshock ruptured the Little Lake fault zone and aftershocks extended from the Garlock fault in the south, to the southern end of the 1872 M7.5 Owens Valley earthquake rupture in the north. Those records ceased when the missions were secularized in 1834, and from that point until the California Gold Rush in the 1840s, records were sparse. KCRA News 3 is your source for the latest local headlines and live alerts. Times are local (PST or PDT). Visit Business Insider's homepage for more. Find articles, news, videos, pictures, links and facts about Sacramento. Click on the word "map" or "MAP" to see a map displaying the earthquake. The most recent earthquakes are at the top of the list. Sacramento is considered the most earthquake-proof city in California, a state that could by struck by the next "Big One" at any moment. RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA – JULY 04: A local resident inspects a fissure in the earth after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck the area on July 4, 2019 near Ridgecrest, California. Earthquakes in Sacramento today. Click on an event "DATE" to get additional text information.

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