beat: [adjective] lacking excitement or people; "boring". In serious cases, you'd get a pacemaker. Hall of Fame Lyrics: Yeah, you can be the greatest, you can be the best / You can be the King Kong bangin' on your chest / You can beat the world, you can beat the war / You can … I'm sorry, but it's true.

Once you understand the meaning of the phrase bear with me, remembering which version bear/bare is correct is quite simple. The heart may beat irregularly and, often, more slowly. If you are unfaithful, you are not in love.

If you cheat on someone you're dating, you don't love that person.
While bear with me is a request for patience or tolerance, bare with me would be an invitation to undress, which is clearly not the intended meaning.

If you feel like your heart has suddenly skipped a beat, it may mean you’ve had a heart palpitation.

can definition: 1. to be able to: 2. used to say that you can and will do something: 3. to be allowed to: . See more words with the same meaning: boring . 8. How to Remember the Difference. Dreaming about dead people could be a warning that you are being influenced by the wrong people in your life. An arrhythmia can be silent, meaning you don't notice any symptoms. Turns out, there are seven simple things you can stop doing if you're over constantly having nightmares. Death of a stranger. If you have bad dreams on the regular, going to bed at night might feel like you're stuck in A Nightmare On Elm Street.

It could also mean that a situation in your life should be resolved and it is time for you to move on. Learn more. When we got to that party it was beat . Beat It Lyrics: They told him, "Don't you ever come around here / Don't wanna see your face, you better disappear" / The fire's in their eyes and their words are really clear / So beat it, just
See more. Beat up definition, dilapidated; in poor condition from use: a beat-up old jalopy. Classic Man Lyrics: My name calling all night / I can pull the wool while I'm being polite / Like, darling calling all night / I can be a bull while I'm being polite / Like, oh me, oh me oh my / I Symptoms of Arrhythmias.

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