Like how people thought to get up on boards and "ride" waves to shore was a good idea? Have you ever wondered what the history of California surfing is? The popularity of surfing in Southern California first began with a visit from Kahanamoku, but was truly established by a man named George Freeth. Perhaps one of the most important innovations in surfing history, and often over shadowed by the progression of the surfboard, is the wetsuit! As California's first official lifeguard, Freeth brought his surfing skills to a population that was entranced with the sport. Freeth had grown up surfing with the Duke at Waikiki, but moved to Southern California in the early 1900s. The first wetsuit was designed in the early 1950's in California, when Jack O'Neill stitched together pieces of neoprene in the form of vests. History of California Surfing Many people credit the ’50s movie and ’60s TV show Gidget for bringing surfing to mainstream America, but long before that surfers enjoyed a rich culture — in fact, it dates as far back as the late 19th Century along the California Coast. We looked into it and wanted to give a quick snapshot of this amazing sport and long-standing California hobby. California Surfing History When you think of California hobbies, the first one that probably comes to mind is surfing!

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