In April of 1993, Ochoa traveled into space for the first time, as Mission Specialist on the STS-56 Discovery Space Shuttle Mission.

Ellen Ochoa, American astronaut and administrator who was the first Hispanic woman to travel into space (1993), working as a mission specialist aboard the space shuttle Discovery. She was born on May 10, 1958. Ochoa made history as the first Hispanic woman in space. Dr. Ellen Ochoa is a veteran of three NASA Space Shuttle flights. On April 8, 1993, Ellen became the first Hispanic woman to fly into space.

A mission specialist and flight engineer, she has since logged more than 900 hours in space on four flights, the last in 2002. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. Ellen Ochoa. Dr. Ellen Ochoa (1958- ) is a veteran astronaut who was chosen for four space flights and has almost one thousand flight hours to her credit. Flying aboard STS-56, Dr. Ochoa became the first Hispanic woman to go to space. Learn more at As Ochoa approached her retirement as the director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in May of 2018, she reflected on her path toward spaceflight and her decades of leadership in the aerospace field. Ellen Ochoa Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. Born May 10, 1958 (Los Angeles, California)American astronaut, electrical engineer. She is currently the Director of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas since 2013 as the first Hispanic as second female director. The following year, Ellen Ochoa officially became a U.S. astronaut, and soon, the first Latino woman in space. She took over as the director after Michael Coats retired on December 21, 2012. Ellen Ochoa, the first Latina to go to space: How to get more women into STEM . In 1993 she became the first Latina (woman of Hispanic descent) to travel in space, and by 2002 she had participated in three more missions. In addition to being an inventor, Dr. Ellen Ochoa is also a research scientist and former astronaut for NASA. ... She logged nearly 1,000 hours in orbit over the course of four space missions. She served as a mission specialist on her four space shuttle flights and as payload commander on her final mission. brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. In 2012, Ochoa was named the 11 th director of the Johnson Space Center making her the first Hispanic and the second woman to serve in this position. Ellen OchoaAstronautBorn: 5/10/1958Birthplace: Los Angeles, California Astronaut Ellen Ochoa first left Earth in July 1991 and became the world's first Hispanic female astronaut. Selected by NASA in 1990, Ellen Ochoa became a United States astronaut in 1991. Ellen’s confidence and persistence led her to become NASA’s first Hispanic female astronaut.

Ellen Ochoa: First Latina Astronaut, Inventor and Now Director of “Mission Control” Photograph by Bill Stafford.

Ellen Ochoa began training as an astronaut in 1990, twelve years after the program was opened to women. Dr. Ellen Ochoa was the first female Hispanic astronaut. Ellen Ochoa. What did Ellen Ochoa do on her first mission? Ellen Ochoa is a hero because she was the first Hispanic female astronaut; she was a groundbreaker, and she is admirable. Before NASA selected Ellen to become an astronaut, Ellen proved herself on Earth by getting a doctorate degree in electrical engineering and co-inventing three patents for optical engineering systems. Over the course of four NASA flights she logged more than 970 hours in space. She later served as director of the Johnson Space Center (2013–18). Ellen Ochoa is a hero for many women. With each mission, Ellen used her physics and engineering knowledge to study different things ranging from atmosphere changes to … On April 17, 1993, astronaut Ellen Ochoa and the crew of the STS-56 Discovery returned to Earth after a nine-day mission. As an astronaut, Ellen has gone on four space missions. She has logged over 719 hours in space, traveling four million miles in one mission alone! She is half Mexican. In November 1994, she returned to space on Shuttle Mission STS-66 as Payload Commander. Astronaut Ellen Ochoa is the world's first Hispanic female astronaut who won many awards with her work with NASA.

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