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The … 1982. ... A timeline … ... Mount Erebus disaster: The plane crash that changed New Zealand. This site is the most comprehensive source of information on the 1979 Erebus disaster. Erebus disaster Page 3 – Timeline to disaster. Page 5 – Operation Overdue New Zealand disasters timeline nzhistory.govt.nz. On 28 November 1979, Air New Zealand flight 901 left Auckland Airport for Antarctica carrying 237 passengers and 20 crew. The threat of damage by ice means that the crew of the Rescue are taken on board the Advance (both from the first Grinnell expedition) just 50 yards away. Four minutes and 42 seconds after its last communication with McMurdo Station Flight 901 crashed into the lower slopes of Mt Erebus, killing all on board. The establishment of the Waitangi Tribunal. sank east of the Coromandel Peninsula when its cargo shifted in a storm.

These particular disasters involved substantial loss of life and had a far-reaching impact on the nation. Period: Nov 9, 1979 to Nov 28, 1979 The Loss of New Zealand Flight 901

NZHistory has a timeline of the Erebus disaster, including how the disaster was reported and detailed information about the site investigation.

Erebus disaster. Page 4 – Hearing the news. The Erebus disaster was mainly caused by a late change in the flight path and atmospheric conditions over Antarctica. 2015 | Parks Canada wanted to return to the Erebus site as soon as possible – before the following summer – so they drilled a hole so the divers could access the wreck in April 2015 before the ice had fully melted. The Erebus disaster. Jean Batten's record flight from the UK. : What the world knew: Year: What was happening in the Arctic: RM - William Kennedy (Prince Albert again) Lady Franklin's second private expedition from the east. Zealand. Please use the comments box at the bottom of this page.

In History. The Mount Erebus disaster: an Air New Zealand DC-10 crashes and 257 people die. 20 January Rob Muldoon becomes the first sitting Prime Minister of New Zealand to visit Antarctica. No comments have been posted about Plane wreckage on Mt Erebus Post a comment. It was the worst civil aviation disaster in NZ history and at the time, the fourth worst in the world. *On the day of the Erebus disaster there was a one-hour time difference between New Zealand and McMurdo Station. See 6 more related articles... Community contributions. What do you know? Can you tell us more about the information on this page? The Mt Erebus Disaster. Erebus disaster- classroom activities nzhistory.govt.nz.

It is dedicated to informing others about the plane accident that took the lives of 257 passengers and crew of Air NZ flight TE901. Ernest Rutherford splits the atom. Feb 1, 1977.

The sinking of the inter-island ferry Wahine. Erebus flight briefing. Nine of the crew drowned. This timeline lists New Zealand’s worst post-1840 natural disasters, transport accidents, fires, mining accidents and other tragedies that have caused major loss of life. It includes: New Zealand disasters timeline The 1918 influenza pandemic The Tangiwai rail disaster The sinking of the Wahine The Erebus disaster We welcome feedback.

The Timeline of the Mount Erebus Disaster By: Jay Janarthanan for Internal Assessment AS91230. Key facts leading up to the accident.

Wahine disaster. The Tangiwai rail disaster; The sinking of the Wahine; The Erebus disaster; The Napier Earthquake; A New Zealand disasters timeline is also available which teachers could use should they wish to explore other New Zealand disasters. The Mount Erebus Disaster Timeline created by MedicWilson. Erebus; NZ Disaster Timeline; Kobe Earthquake; Unit of Work; Samoa Tsunami; The Holocaust; NZ Disaster Timeline . [citation needed] 1980s 1980. Ruth Laugesen talks to three people whose lives were changed by the Erebus crash. Flight 901 - The Erebus Disaster - On 28 November 1979, an Air New Zealand DC-10 crashed into Mt Erebus, Antarctica, killing all 257 people on board. These particular disasters involved substantial loss of life and had a far-reaching impact on the nation.

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