It flew past Venus and measured the solar wind, took the planet's temperature and revealed much about Earth's neighbor. Mariner 2 was the first successful interplanetary spacecraft. It was also the first spacecraft to use the gravitational pull of one planet (Venus) to reach another (Mercury), and the first spacecraft mission to visit two planets. Venus is the brightest planet visible from Earth besides the Sun and Moon. Mariner 2 flew past Venus on December 14, 1962 becoming the world's first successful interplanetary mission. Description.
Venus is a necessary waypoint for missions to Mercury, of which there have been only two. The Venus flyby, with a closest approach of 5,768 km, occurred on 5 February 1974. Mariner 10 was the seventh successful launch in the Mariner series and the first spacecraft to visit Mercury. More recently, NASA’s Magellan spacecraft visited Venus and … What was the first spacecraft to visit Venus? NASA’s Magellan mission, which studied Venus from 1990 to 1994, used radar to map 98 percent of the planet’s surface. As one of the first planets to be visited by spacecraft, Venus witnessed many failed attempts at missions. The first spacecraft to actually visit Venus was NASA’s Mariner 2, which flew past Venus in 1962. Venus was the first planet to ever be reached by a space probe.In 1962, Mariner 2 flew within 34,400 kilometers of the surface of Venus and transmitted to Earth information about its temperature and details about its atmosphere and rotational period. Venus is also known as Earth's sister planet due to their similarities such as: diameter, mass, few craters, density, and chemical composition. It showed close-up pictures of the sun's closest planetary neighbor and also did investigations of Mercury's environment and surface. The spacecraft was launched on an Atlas Centaur rocket (right), from launch complex 36B at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Experimental solar sail released from the Akatsuki spacecraft. Venus has been known since prehistoric times but, was first viewed by the spacecraft Mariner 2. Launched on 3 November 1973, Mariner 10 conducted flybys of both Venus and Mercury, becoming the first spacecraft to visit two planets. Flew past Venus on 8 December … The mariner spacecraft explored Mercury, Mars, and Venus.

The first successful space probe and first spacecraft visit to a planet was Mariner 2. Flew past Venus on 8 December 2010 but did not make observations. Spacecraft from several nations have visited Venus, including the Soviet Union’s successful Venera series made the first landings on the surface of Venus. Mariner 10 was the first spacecraft to visit Mercury. The first spacecraft to visit Venus was Mariner 2, but more recent spacecraft, like NASA’s Magellan were equipped with radar instruments that can peer through the thick atmosphere of Venus … Currently, Japan’s Akatsuki is studying Venus from orbit. The Soviet probe, Venera 7 was the first probe to land on Venus. However, more than 20 have been successful.

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