This is one of the things we're doing that is really fundamentally important, as we leave our home planet, but also exciting. [Fun Times in Space: Astronaut Chris Hadfield's Wacky Photos] On June 16, Hadfield appeared here at Future Con as co-host for a taping of an episode of the talk show "StarTalk Live!" Chris Hadfield Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. He’ll be at Degroots Nurseries Greenhouse from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Chris Austin Hadfield Biography: As a lad, Hadfield dreamed of becoming an astronaut, and since 1992, he’s been an important section of the Canadian and American space programs. There were various types of aircrafts that he tried to fly in the military. Chris Hadfield is an astronaut who took the power of Twitter to the outer space and built a worldwide fan following through his feeds while at the International Space Station.His stay at the space station began in December 2012 and … Facts about Chris Hadfield 3: an Engineering degree. Colonel Chris Hadfield is married to Helene Hadfield (née Walter).They have three children. He had flight in his blood from an early age: his father, Roger, was a pilot with Air Canada and also flew his own aerobatic plane. Chris Hadfield used videos to answer these questions and many other queries regarding space science. He was a smart and intelligent person. Chris and his brothers, David and Philip, were air cadets.His brothers went on to become airline pilots.

Proving to be as much a talented musician as he is a brilliant aviator and engineer, he charmed his fans with a number of memorable musical performances. When Hadfield was at Royal Military College, he obtained an engineering degree.

46 Out Of This World Facts About Astronauts ... Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield recorded the first ever song in outer space. The first Canadian to walk in space, Hadfield has flown two Space Shuttle missions and served as commander of the International Space Station.. Hadfield, who was raised on a farm in southern Ontario, was inspired as a child when he … Ever since I was nine years old and I watched Neil and Buzz walk on the moon, I have felt passionately that this is an interesting human adventure. Call The Book Keeper at 519-337-3171 for more information. ... “My kids used to make fun of …

Colonel Chris Hadfield's three missions to space showed people from all over the world what it is like to live in orbit. Chris Austin Hadfield OC OOnt MSC CD (born August 29, 1959) is a Canadian retired astronaut, engineer, and former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot. Personal Profile: Born August 29, 1959, in Sarnia, and raised in Milton, Ontario. The song Jewel in the Night was uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 24, 2012.

Facts about Chris Hadfield 4: the military career. Chris Hadfield Quotes.

Education and Early Career.

Hadfield had bright military career.

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