The Ground Launch Sequencer Engineer is responsible for monitoring the operation of the automated Ground Launch Sequencer system, which controls the countdown from T-9 minutes until launch. Solid rocket booster ignition and liftoff! During launch countdown, this console is used by the Ground Launch Sequencer to monitor vehicle measurements.The Ground Launch Sequencer , also located at this console row, is an automated program which controls all activity during the final portion of the countdown. NASA engineers and test directors gather in Firing Room 3 in the Launch Control Center at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, to watch a demonstration of the automated command and control software for the agency’s Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft. Once the countdown resumed, start automatic ground launch sequencer; Retract orbiter access arm (T-7 minutes, 30 seconds) T-5 minutes and counting. After this point through to T-31 seconds, they are in charge of implementing a manual hold if necessary. In front, far right, is Charlie … the ground launch sequencer, will be responsible for nearly all of the launch commit criteria during the final phases of launch countdowns. After T-31 seconds only an automatic cutoff is available. The Ground and Flight Application Software Team, or GFAST, demonstrated the software for Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, launch director for the first integrated flight of the SLS and Orion spacecraft. New Ground Launch Sequencer Software Demonstrated in Launch Control Center. Orbiter transfers from ground to internal power (T-50 seconds) Ground launch sequencer is go for auto sequence start (T-31 seconds) Activate launch pad sound suppression system (T-16 seconds) Activate main engine hydrogen burnoff system (T-10 seconds) Main engine start (T-6.6 seconds) T-0.

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