Some space experts believe the huge planet protects Earth from comets and astero… Jupiter throws comets and asteroids towards Earth like a ‘sniper’, scientist warns. The namesake is the asteroid 153 Hilda.Hildas move in their elliptical orbits so that their aphelia put them opposite Jupiter (at L 3), or 60° ahead of or behind Jupiter at the L 4 and L 5 Lagrangian points.
Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids Jupiter’s leading and trailing Lagrangian points are stable over the age of the solar system. [X-post /r/educationalgifs] Close.

102 Shares. The Hilda asteroids (adj. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter. Jupiter 'shepherds' the asteroid belt, preventing the asteroids from falling into the sun or accreting into a new planet. Nineteen asteroids that once belonged to a distant star system have been found orbiting the sun between Jupiter and Neptune.

u/dumb_ 5 years ago. Archived. Hildian) are a dynamical group of more than 4000 asteroids located beyond the asteroid belt in a 3:2 orbital resonance with Jupiter. A GROUP of 19 "alien" asteroids lurking between Jupiter and Neptune may have come from another star system, according to scientists. Jupiter is being accused of actively flinging dangerous objects into the inner solar system that could impact Earth. Posted by.

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