PUBG Lite is actually a step down in terms of Graphics but obviously it's better than PUBG MOBILE. Some of them are: Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, Terminator, Call of Duty, Minecraft, etc. PUBG Lite Live - God Praveen YT , Trasher Gamer , Melody Gamer - PUBG Lite Live Raichu Gaming 371 watching Live now PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Mobile lite – GamePlay. This lite version of PUBG named PUBG Lite is now available in 15 countries.You can check if the game is available in your country or not from here..
The game is available on Steam. The graphics of this game are very good.

Take a tour in this guide and become the last man standing!

PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Mobile Lite: Player cap You do know right now 50% Offer was running on PUBG PC.

I have also played many other PC and Mobile games. On the Classic battle royale mode on PUBG Mobile, you compete with 100 players on a gigantic island, PUBG Mobile Lite has a … App size: Now, this is the biggest difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. In addition, Tencent and PUBG Corp. also launched PUBG Mobile lite with a smaller size for PUBG Mobile player. Big difference! PUBG Mobile Lite has a storage size of 388MB, while its superior variants have the 1.8GB size! Now according to the given points from my point of view, it is your turn to decide whether you are going to be part of the change or not. I wouldn't say it's a downgrade. For both newbies and experienced players alike, PUBG Mobile is a …

It is super helpful for users to have limited amounts of storage because they … If the PUBG Mobile can only run on high-standard devices with above 3GB RAM, you can play PUBG Mobile Lite … PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Mobile Lite: Size. PUBG Corp’s latest work is a softer version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The PUBG PC game is the first game of PUBG company that became a very popular game then did other versions such as the PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite pc. I have played both PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC Lite, so I am eligible to answer the question.

PUBG Lite is a lite version of PUBG which is smaller in size. This has probably been done because the time and space of the match and the map as less. I've ditched Mobile (on TGB) and now trying to learn the real PUBG Lite. Welcome to the PUBG LITE Survivor’s Guide.

If you're an avid fan of Mobile and hoping the Lite to be the visually upgraded version, with the same gun mechanics (minimal recoil on Mobile) you'll be disappointed.
PUBG Mobile Lite is currently only available on the Android platform and has a download size of 491MB. People actually love Lite because of the silky smooth graphics. The PUBG Lite (pc) and PUBG Mobile Lite are going get a huge fan base for sure, and definitely, serve the purpose for which these games are developed.

The loot on the map in the Lite version is a lot more compared to the main PUBG Mobile game. Whereas, PUBG Mobile has a size of around 2GB on Android and around 2.36GB on iOS.

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