Rebecca Summary. Max is still troubled by the death of his first wife, Rebecca, in a boating accident the year before. They move from city to city, from hotel to hotel, but cannot help remembering Manderley, a beautiful English estate that … Rebecca begins with, well, not Rebecca. She and Max fall in love, marry, and return to Manderley, his large country estate in Cornwall.

The storyline definitely kept me intrigued and took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride right to the very end. Rebecca, Gothic suspense novel by Daphne du Maurier, published in 1938. Summary Summary Rebecca 's narrative takes the form of a flashback.

IN FIVE YEARS by REBECCA SERLE is an engaging, touching, heartwarming, and absolutely beautiful story of love and friendship that I was immediately drawn into and quickly devoured. The narrator, who remains nameless, is travelling around Europe with an unidentified male companion. Rebecca was adapted by Alfred Hitchcock into a popular film (1940).

Summary. Actually, the opposite of Rebecca (if a person can have an opposite) – you'll see why in a minute. The heroine, who remains nameless, lives in Europe with her husband, Maxim de Winter, traveling from hotel to hotel, harboring memories of a beautiful home called Manderley, which, we learn, has been destroyed by fire.

A shy lady's companion, staying in Monte Carlo with her stuffy employer, meets the wealthy Maxim de Winter (Sir Laurence Olivier).

The heroine, dreaming, sees herself as a ghost, flitting through the charred ruins of the once-beautiful mansion Manderley, where she once lived.

Widely considered a classic, it is a psychological thriller about a young woman who becomes obsessed with her husband’s first wife. A woman, a man, another woman's shadow; a landscape, a house, a hidden history.

Rebecca begins with the sentence, "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again."

These six elements have informed the gothic impulse from Udolpho and Jane Eyre to The Thirteenth Tale.Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca is crucial to the genre, for in it du Maurier simplified and organized these six elements, refining the narrative, concentrating the mythic, and enriching the ambiguity of her tale.

This woman, our narrator, is dreaming of returning to a place called Manderley, but she and the man she's with can never go back; it holds too many bad memories for them. The novel Rebecca begins at an undetermined point in the future.

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