One of the simple rules - maximum of 15 players in a team, with up to 7 substitutes allowed. Rugby League rules are vastly different than Union, so make sure you read our guide to make sure you know the difference.

Head injuries, concussions and brain trauma have always been hot topics of discussion as they pertain to contact sports. The game is broken down into two 40 minute halves with a 10 minute rest period in between. The notion of offside, the banning of forward passes and the idea of running a ball out of "touch" all are featured in the early codes. Players that have left the field are only allowed to return if they have been treated for an injury. The earliest recorded laws of rugby, written by Rugby School pupils in 1845, are similar to today's rules. Paintings of early rugby games show dozens of players, instead of the 15 per team today. Defence must be back seven metres. The game carries no stoppage time and will end exactly on 80 minutes. 4 Clothing and footwear for playing.

Maximum of 8 players at any one time.

Defender must remove one or both tags to stop attackers progress.

There is a marker in the play the ball. He/She then holds up the tag and drops it to the ground marking where the play the ball should occur. Rules of Rugby. Rugby League rules are vastly different than Union, so make sure you read our guide to make sure you know the difference. Piłka do gry w rugby league … Boiska do obu sportów są niemal identyczne – w rugby league jest ono 2 m węższe, a pole punktowe jest zazwyczaj krótsze. Oztag is a non contact version of rugby league. Each team can start with 15 players and up to 7 substitutes.

Although Rugby League is far less dangerous than other contact sports such as American Football in terms of the frequency and severity of concussions, it is still an important issue that the ‘NRL’ (National Rugby League) has taken notice of in the last 5 years. W rugby league drużyna otrzymuje za przyłożenie 4 punkty, za podwyższenie i bramkę z karnego 2 punkty, a za bramkę z gry 1 punkt. The initial proposal had been for the rules to apply to the Championship league season too but clubs vetoed the idea – meaning players and referees will have to work to two different sets of rules. Return to Select a topic. Some minimal padding is allowed. - talk to current players for advice on kit. Rugby gear is shirt, shorts, underwear, socks and boots!

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