It is a drill that teaches you how to properly do the body undulation and dolphin kick, which are the foundations of this swim stroke.. Because in this drill you are not allowed to use your arms, you have … Body position is an essential part of good butterfly technique. The body position swimming drill is one of the best drills for butterfly swimmers, it combines all of the important aspects of swimming butterfly. In addition to improving your mechanics and technique, butterfly swimming drills will also help improve your endurance and pacing while in the pool.

TOP DRILLS FOR BUTTERFLY Stroke : - Swimming ...The primary point of technique that these butterfliers share is good body position. In any case, do not try and perform all these drills in one single session, they can really strain your shoulders and back, although as we all know “Excellence requires exertion [cit. Head-Lead Body Dolphin: This is the first of our butterfly stroke drills.. The drill allows you to focus on maintaining proper body position in the water. ]. Butterfly swimming drills are designed to improve your form and technique with respect to swimming the butterfly stroke. While the line of the stroke is characterized by a wave or rocking motion, it is a stable, high hip floating position that is key to a good stroke One leg kick: swim the butterfly making just one leg kick for every complete arm cycle, inserting it at the end of the pull phase right before beginning the recovery phase above the water.

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