We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Buzz Aldrin Took Holy Communion on the Moon.

Famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin was born Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. on January 20, 1930, in Montclair, New Jersey. At last, each of the men — Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins — walked through the doors of their homes, embraced their families … Concept and creation. NASA Kept it Quiet When Apollo 11‘s Eagle lunar module landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin … Before becoming an astronaut, he was a fighter pilot in the United States military and fought in the Korean War. Buzz Aldrin was born on January 20, 1930 in Montclair, New Jersey, USA as Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr.

He earned his nickname, "Buzz," as … Buzz Aldrin salutes the US flag on the moon Aldrin spent a total of almost 300 hours in space and will be forever remembered for his incredible contributions to human discovery and exploration.

Buzz Lightyear's name was in honor of Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, the second person to walk on the Moon.According to Pixar producers, the character was provisionally named Lunar Larry, but it sounded "too wacky", so while trying to rechristen him "we went through some space terms and the word light-year came up, and the coolest astronaut name was Buzz Aldrin." He is known for his work on Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011), Uchû kyôdai (2012) and The Big Bang Theory …

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