These … Allow 5 hours.

Black Water rafting at Waitomo – day trip from Auckland.

Black Abyss - Ultimate Waitomo Caving Experience - ExperienceKart.

The cave that the Legendary Black Water Rafting Company tour through was named Ruakuri (den of dogs) by local Māori over 300-400 years ago when they discovered wild dogs had made the entrance to the cave their home.

After the long descent, you will be able to explore multiple caves and rooms while making your way back to the surface. The Legendary Black Water Rafting, New Zealand De Discover Waitomo Les grottes ont été creusées par la pression exercée sur la roche calcaire tendre par les courants souterrains pendant des milliers d'années. Waitomo abrite de nombreuses grottes de vers luisants, certaines étant plus exploitées sur le plan commercial que d'autres. Waitomo Caves Adres: 39 Waitomo Village Rd, Waitomo Caves, Otorohanga 3943, New Zealand .

All Rights Reserved. How long is the tour? Online deals and packages, book now. Please follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates about our operational timetable. Check in 30 minutes prior to tour departure. After your Auckland City pick up we drive through iconic New Zealand farmland and stop at a great local cafe on the way to Waitomo Caves for morning tea (own cost). BOOK NOW Or Call Free ph 0800228372 now to book. The glowworm, Arachnocampa luminosa, is …

Black water rafting - Waitomo Caves, Waikato De Tourism Holdings Limited. Our Black Water Rafting experiences remain closed under level 2, but we are working hard to re-open as soon as we safely can.

Black water rafting really put Waitomo back onto the map in the late 1980’s. Waitomo Glowworm caves, Black Water Rafting. Abseil for over 100 metres with Waitomo Adventures into the gigantic cave network.

La Black Water Rafting expérience a été super. Copyright © 2015. An exhilarating caving experience blending the magic of abseiling, flying fox, climbing and floating. The 5-hour Black Abyss tour packs all the most adventurous ways to make your way through a cave into one Black Water Rafting tour.

Designed by Waitomo Creative.Waitomo Creative. We’ve been sharing thrills and excitement for over 3 decades and have experienced guides who’ll take you safely through the stunning underworld of Ruakuri Cave. A weekend adventure like no other, Black Water Rafting is a bucket list must-do and guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. Juste être conscient que si votre départ d'Auckland, c'est une heure au sud 2.5 lecteur. Grab a tube and float along the underground rivers and passages of the huge cave system, spotting glowworms and other incredible cave features along the way. If you've tried white-water rafting and want to turn up the excitement dial, don't miss this chance to go black-water rafting in the spectacular Waitomo Caves. Abseiling is available with The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co’s Black Abyss Tour and Waitomo Adventures’ Lost World Tour. Je ne savais pas cela lorsque j'ai réservé et nous avions du mal pour y arriver. Black Abyss tours depart daily from the Legendary Black Water Rafting Co. located at 585 Waitomo Caves Rd. Lors de cette aventure authentique de spéléologie, partez à la découverte des grottes souterraines reconnues par le ministère néo-zélandais de la Conservation, sans zone bétonnée ni éclairage électrique, et observez les vers luisants dans leur cadre naturel.
Black Abyss - Ultimate Waitomo Caving Experience - ExperienceKart.
Discover Waitomo home of New Zealand's world-famous tourist attractions. Les guides étaient amusants et instructifs. The humble tyre inner tube became the cornerstone of an entire industry developed right here at Waitomo – look in the trip descriptions to see if black water rafting is included! World-renowned and a magnet for both local and overseas visitors, the Waitomo Glowworm Caves occupy a high placing in the New Zealand vacation wish-list. The 5-hour Black Abyss tour packs all the most adventurous ways to make your way through a cave into one Black Water Rafting tour. Waitomo Caves, Auckland De TNZ.

An exhilarating caving experience blending … Waitomo’s Original Black Water Rafting Operator & Legendary for 30 Years!

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