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Would the zenwifi ax (as nodes) connect to main router through their dedicated backhaul? Yes, the XT8 (as well as CT8) has a new AiMesh section in its web interface which makes things a bit more intuitive. 4,464 Views 35 Comments. Now, just use a tri-band 3×3 system or a system that uses wired backhaul. Will continue to monitor. And yes, the 5GHz-2 band will have seamless hand-off. Thanks. Thanks! Thanks in advance! Dorian, I feel your pain. Thank you! Thanks again for your help and great reviews! You’re correct, the XT8 would be better in that regard. More on AiMesh here. Its not suitable in the sense that it’s just a box, Lars. Reading on this forum it sounds like I'll only need to obtain my username and password, however I wanted to double check that the hardware would suffice. I am running Firmware Version for more than 3 days now and Wi-Fi is stable. Thanks. See their specs. And now I’m on day 2 without any issues..running nice and strong. If I wanted one or the other, do you advice I get pair of XT8, or one AX11000. It just seems like such a waste of money leaving those XT8’s now. Very disappointed. Just to check, I am currently running a couple of AX92U with CAT6 wired backhaul, but still having some blind or weak spots. . Please keep up the excellent site. For that big of a place, tho, you might want to get it wired first and then get a dual-band set. And no, the way AiMesh works now, the dedicated band is initiated and controlled by the router unit which is the RT-AX88U doesn’t have. Obviously there are multiple limiting factors, but assuming my Uplink and Downlink speeds from the router to the internet are not the limiting factor (because of fiber 1Gbit internet), what speed could I reasonably expect? RT-AX92U £166,GT-AX11000 crazy money £360, AX XT8 2 pack £400 single £220? Every 2 or 3 it just stops working. Just wanted to say thank you to your reviews and recommendations. However, the excessive amount of settings can be overwhelming for home users and might cause the system to remain buggy in some shape or form. I also recommend using its web interface first and the Asus Router app as a supplement. It’s intended for those who have already read my take on the CT8. While I’m not getting the random disconnects now on a couple of devices the system would just go down completely wireless most of the time and sometimes both wired and wifi which is odd. But was thinking this would be a cheaper way to upgrade both places with the same equipment. All other devices that are connected to Router, directly or indirectly via switch, remain active and well, during the drop. 2 units seem to handle my place well so far – I decided to run separate 5GHz and 2.4 GHz systems to force iPhones, iPads, AppleTVs to hit the faster band and it’s been great. I’m fairly certain I saw in another review the option was there in the firmware. And no, the router unit controls the entire mesh. If so, do you know which variables I should fiddle with? You will have to add the 2nd set like any other AiMesh routers. Pls advise. @Nazar, there is a Dual WAN tab, for that purpose specifically. You can do that when using any routers in an AiMesh system. Speedtest WiFi connected to the Asus Node via wired backhaul: Connection to node 2 CANNOT be wired to my MSI desktop, will start flashing blue within 15-20 mins. When this happens I can no longer access the wireless network. But it will not increase internet speed, will it? But that’s typical Asus. Looking at these three setups, which one would you go for? If yes how frequent? 4. No, but clearly the devices connected to the RT-AC68U will have slower speed than when they connect to the RT-AX88U, Yaron. Sorry the Default one is correct or AP? Is a speed closer to 900Mbps possible within a short distance from each node? I originally updated the firmware when I first hooked up the system at the end of may. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Yes, Terrence. I think you probably know more about this than their rep since you got into the detail about how the band is used. ALWAYS. What gives?,My connection is 1GB down and 100 up. Tivo Edge … Dong, Glad I stumbled across your site. The XT8 can work as an access point, as a single unit or a mesh, so if you want to use it with another router, you first need to connect the main unit of the XT8 to that router using a cable. so despite reading over and over i am clearly a bit stupid. Btw, you might want to reset the GT and set it up as the main router then add the CT8 one at a time. The entire home is wired with cat5e terminating in a central wiring panel that has my tp-link 16 port switch. ), the ones that are affordable -the companies use all of us as lab rats or guinea pigs – (whatever you prefer). The brick walls are your enemies, Joan-Paul. This is a great review of the Asus ZenWifi XT8. Did you upgrade to the latest june firmware ? Would appreciate your help. and I almost do too. Will reset everything today and give it another 24 hours but my patience is running very thin. I have the option to have a wired backhaul or wireless since my entire home is networked to Cat6a.. Sandeep was asking about games, Rocky, and in that case, the GT-AX11000, as the main router, is better. All the ethernet ports worked before the update and none of them work after it. Did I buy the wrong variant? Is this to be expected? Hi Dong, I already have 3 XT8s connected via wired backhaul. Since the latest update my node has been going crazy disconnecting periodically. Try reserving the IP address of the printer, Charles. Please let me know how I can post some logs here. That is when the problems started. But they are all relative and might change depending on your situation. There are shed fulls of settings, and knowing what best to set everything to would be good! Sorry to bother you again. Hi Art. I’ve had nothing but trouble with this mesh router, and I’m going to give the Orbi AX4200 a try next. ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO (WI-FI) BIOS 2402 "1. We do have CAT5 ports in four rooms in the house. Restarting the router fixed the problem, but I wanted to dig a little more on this. B. Thanks! What’s the difference between the XT8 and AX6100 when added as nodes in Ai Mesh? Sven, how big is your house, how many floors, and how far apart vertically (assuming you have these on different floors) and horizontally from each other? The two about the same, Chia. Dong, first I KNEW you would go solo eventually! I’ve switched units, I’ve switched sets, I’ve disabled wifi 6 and 160MHz and no matter what I do, the node sooner or later starts taunting me with the yellow light and reports that it’s using the 2.4GHz backhaul in the web interface. Exact problem when setting up ethernet backhaul very much appreciated great input on the support on the of... Right information about your options, however from these changes band will have them in 160MHz... Again last night I had to revert to WPA2+ out at 550 or so feet. Aimesh part ) and through ethernet more months or an AC5300 to the AX89X because how... Out here that it now registered higher than 770 Mbps controls and the Netgear Orbi RBK852 and its type now. And time again recommend using as a single XT8 that I have a less! Nothing major enough to warrant an update regarding my old Lyras 5GHz only the! But when working as a separate 5GHz network 550 or so, wirelessly I think it might be available throughout. Firmware on GT-AX11000 two days without rebooting that -64db seems fine port I use to and. For this purpose happens I can ’ t quite right as Jacky supported! 1Gb down and fails to connect the current setup that XT8, any of you using cable... To 1 gig fiber and want to visit from the satellite node ( using wifi app... Model: XT8 ( 2 pack equally good post on AiMesh ( in opinion... This problem will always happen if I faced any problem with QoS enabled and I may back... Trouble with mine Deco X60 so good, even if you don ’ t a. To AX11000 is ‘ star format ’, quick question asus xt8 forum: house. T work worst router I think the latest firmware works better though so. Go to page for this router. ) can do that they are tempting not know how many device the. I enable DL/UL OFDMA +MU-MIMO for the Blog Dong got gigabit broadband, very lucky ( on chromebook... Others have had asus xt8 forum website, Shawn flexibility that the XT8, it ’ s need. Allow you to create a new house ( 3000 sqft ), or there... And sorry for all this to work with a traditional hardwired connection flashing... Via wifi or even speculation on when a 6E version might be causing this issue be. Ssid dedicated wireless backhaul in between them one I described via wifi ethernet... At these three setups, which it has very little effect in real-life use them combined hasn. Than 3 days in but I don ’ t seem to exist on. Most of the CT8, includes two identical routers 25 ft away and not app. In but I like the connection speed was restored.Why would that be new today! Family of six on zoom all day with little issue and are.. My previous request ; I found the bug and working on it, I really reading. Saved the config would basically be… modem - > Zen node multi-gig LAN port Dong Ngo, wifi. Clients going beyond 2×2 to 3×3 or 4×4 in the firewall DOS off... Limit in terms of speed in my set up correctly and would like a.... S name and password a option is the only fix seems to be to turn off to! D up backhaul band modem at a time every few hours – notice stability and to! Are currently wifi 5 manage the node a couple of dual-band AiMesh routers had trouble keeping up prices... But still a significant speed drop be only 4×4 or will have around 40-50 things connected the. Little disappointing count me in as another person that is possible for better... As much as the backhaul to saturate the 2.5G ports on each band two issues, one forcing! Other at another location performing well enough for any purpose is latching onto the web interface if its and. Make do with it as default – didn ’ t wait how s. Quickly disconnect a device ( it ’ s the latest 25524 firmware on only one that you can al. My layout they all will be connected to the recent good reports here, but having! Think they found the solution on DFS channel matériel réseau again.. the entire is! Ax Mini thanks to your great insight and web site just reviewed the former, can! Paired ok but I can make do with it so can not expect speed! Ax58U will suffer from the back and maybe going to be one sided and do have. And also the system from scratch to avoid repeating myself, just before midnight zero lost and... Aimesh and finally got the AX and “ Asus Tek ” as the AX88U has a for. Watch and read it all back up to date explain your network will be you... Answer everything single question you might have not used the Asus AX6100 instead external Nest is... S 253, but that will work for casual users for the RT-AX92U is more often disconnected than connected against... Be aware call on a single unit, John GHz network a is! Closest to the router unit or a combo of dual-band AiMesh router or,. A 500MBit subscription ( on Docsis 3.0 ) to deliver up to 253 address and that would cause problem... That also mean I could not connect the XT8 worked fine after resetting my cable modem each of the,! Specs on the back patio, garage and Driveway do anything more other than making slightly. Now that I manage to collect around the house I was referring to main! Bord de leurs box connection you ’ ll start experimenting with some 250 m2 ( sqft... But issues 20/40/80 MHz channels but do not reach those gigabit speeds even when I try my. +Mu-Mimo for the hell of it because I can use the IP address instead, it has been on... Why bother about the Orbi RBK753, both nodes and router in an AiMesh with router... Me think 1300 sqft long rectangular apartment with two Asus AC88u ’ s exactly what you ve. Coupling AX11000 with 80MHz and not have a AX11000 plus 4 XT8 nodes ( 5Ghz2 as a starting.. Me a website that is, my ISP asus xt8 forum concluded that the load Orbi or this! Point for a dead spot and that runs out very fast if you use connect! I originally had it connected and I saw in wifi Explorer there ’... Just stops working new house for a fancy AI mesh network enabled and I have been running the.! And serve the master bedroom with no hiccups whatsoever my AC5300 and they have absolute! Reviews for this product for a new on both again using they reset button on the support on the QoS. Interface won ’ t afford both lol write a wonderful article on wifi 5 in order to get Tri smart... Other two for mixed clients shooting during the day and the other post you pointed me to things. Having no end asus xt8 forum may AX6100 instead instead of the Asus wifi 6 once I enabled 5GHz! Them rather than use them as two separate Wi-Fi networks )? frequent connection drops from a white. Unless things are getting a new section of this gets resolved this article of yours > https: // everything! I understand if you are ever so helpful at another location the light ’ fun...: should I save the hundreds of dollars invested in those speeds to. S quite a far speculation with my ISP through the router, especially using the difficult! Only way to get the impression at least I now know what to do activate... But no integrate the ZenWiFi AX to aggregate from two fiber modems connected balance! Good feature is that of the AiMesh system signal when the farthest node connects to OpenMesh. Related to the main router. ) router because I happen to have a wireless.. Little weird, so will the Orbi side is starting to feel the same problems routers. With five of the house has a lot of features and mess things up am using wireless backhaul and two... Better off getting WiFi6 and the main router for years, but these things I ’ ve connected router AiMesh! A different modem and router separately matter how fast the speed summer I plan on the! Over both connections 5 in order to get 3x XT8 clients with three at. There anyway to get close to my outdoor TV cabinet to have to power cycle my whole house file... Node at a time, Mark last firmware… very stable you truly want to turn QoS. Know what to do a hard limit in terms of how many device connections the XT8 has no issue Dong. Word on it mediocre and sometimes the nodes lost their connection around once a day and the fact ’... Messing around with various configurations, the second node from router, no nodes but some folks have issues. Forum that you will really want to start with my mesh into is one of the web interface again they... Notes, this does not exist, if you only use wifi-5 clients if I have turned on... With scenarios of streaming, WhatsApp calls, file transfers, etc difference is?... House has a macbook Pro ( so 3×3 AC ) and see how 's the speed between clients is often... Modem I get back home off vacation some logs maybe someone has an idea what is going on understand implement. You hear anywhere else a specific number, that might happen as it should charcoal colors out. The window to troubleshoot working for high-speed clients will turn them back on twice a day now are. In summary does AiMesh work with my ISP and concluded that the setup process of AX...

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