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This should add the Philo app to your Roku; Link your Philo account to your Roku by going to on your computer and click the "Roku Registration" link at the bottom of the page. Plus, it lets you record shows for later with your personal Philo Edu DVR. Access is available on the Ann Arbor campus only, using a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device connected to MWireless or wired Ethernet. Download the Philo app from the App Store 2. Note: VPN will not give you access to Philo when off-campus. Enter your [UNIVERSITY ID] and password 3. Download the Philo Edu app from the App Store or Google Play. 1. Check out local broadcast channels (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS and more) and, if you're an undergraduate resident on campus, get access to the full lineup of channels. actually on campus) for the service to work. - See what… We enable each area of the Office of Student Life; through responsible, secure, and accessible technology; to conduct university business in support of the student's educational and campus life needs outside of the classroom. Television Service IPTV Service Only Cable TV or IPTV Service Available In: Corps Halls - Dorms 1-5, 9-12 White Creek Apartments Available In: Corps Halls - Dorms 6-8 Northside Residence Halls Southside Residence Halls The Gardens Apartments Philo IPTV is live TV and DVR Today, the content available on TV has never been better, but the experience around that content hasn’t improved very much. Download the Philo Edu app from Google Play Enter your CSUMB username and password Start watching live TV or record some for later To watch Philo Edu on a TV you will need a Roku or Roku TV, an Apple TV, or a laptop (with HDMI out) connected by HDMI cable to a TV. Philo Edu is the industry leader in bringing live TV and DVR to college students on all of the devices they use — computers, tablets, and smartphones — anywhere on campus. Search. 4. 2. Philo Edu offers a total of 60 channels, including international as well as domestic programming. Philo Edu lets you watch live TV on your TV, computer, phone, or tablet, anywhere on campus. Home / Using Philo. Follow the instructions to add your Roku device via the serial number After a few minutes, your Roku will update and you will have access to Philo. To purchase a Roku devi… - Record your favorite shows and watch them on any device. Access the service: On your computer: simply navigate to using a browser; On your mobile phone: text philo to 62687 to receive a link to download the app Have a question? Getting Started. You may also request help through the Philo Support Center. Stetson University’s Housing and Residential Life department is moving from cable TV service to Philo TV, a next-generation TV platform providing live TV and DVR service. That’s why we started Philo. It's TV that's built to fit your life. Start watching live TV or record some for later. Download the Philo App for Android From your TV: 1. Philo Edu allows campus residents to watch live TV and record their favorite shows using their laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and TV sets. Students must be within the Miami Network (ie. Visit the Philo Edu website and log in using your uniqname and password.. You can only connect to Philo Edu on campus. Connect to the wireless network called Brown. Located in an urban environment on a 300-acre tree-lined campus, Rice University seizes its advantageous position to pursue pathbreaking research and create innovative collaboration opportunities that contribute to the betterment of our world. What is Philo Edu? Connect to the MCLA BlazerNet network 2. Here’s what you’ll get: This service is available to all members of the Brown community. Help Center. Philo is an IPTV solution that provides TV access to faculty, staff, and students on computers, tablet, TVs, and smartphones. Philo is not accessible through the VPN. We will update our website and communicate these changes via email to inform all students as changes are determined and if any actions are needed. From your computer: 1. Select "Rice University" on the list of providers. Connect your laptop via HDMI. You will be able to watch your favorite shows anywhere on campus with an EduRoam wireless connection. Start watching Philo! You’ll just use your iSpartan login to connect to Philo. ‎NOTE !! Go to and select "log in" 2. Additional information about how to use Philo is available on their help site. Click on "Log in with Rice NetID" and NetID password Philo seamlessly blends your saved shows with live, recently aired, and on-demand episodes from a custom library of never-ending entertainment at your leisure. Philo. 3. Here’s what you’ll get: Philo Edu is an online television provider available to students and residents of the Ohio State Columbus campus, Mansfield Molyet Village Apartments, Newark Residence Hall and McConnell Hall.The service provides an updated approach to viewing live cable and TV programming from a variety of devices using a wired or wireless university network connection. Information Specific to the Philo Edu Service. Connect your TV to a Streaming Device Anywhere else on campus that you can access the RIT network you can use Philo to watch your TV and movies on the go. How to Connect to Tiger TV (Philo Edu) TigerTV has 64 channels including HBO, Cinemax, HBO Go and Max Go. Then complete the text box as shown here: On TV To find out if Philo Edu is available at your school, connect to your school's WiFi network, and visit Available To. You will be able to display the available channels, learn what is playing now, view a program, or record upcoming shows. Washington State University proudly offers TV to our residents living in the residence halls and apartments through Spectrum.. To get access to your channels, please go to the Spectrum website and sign in.. Users at WSU need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on . Official Philo Help Center that includes how to use Philo, answers to account questions, troubleshooting, contact details, and more. Miami University Philo Login. Start watching live TV or record some for later. Computers: Visit and log in using your CaneID and password; Mobile Devices: Download the Philo Edu app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store; Philo Support. How to Watch Philo Watch Philo on a computer: 1. Philo Edu is the application that lets you watch live IPTV on the campus network using a wide variety of devices including your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and a traditional TV set through a Roku or Apple TV (in conjunction with a compatible AirPlay enabled device).With a stellar channel lineup resident students have the ability to pause and rewind live TV … Philo Edu is only available at participating US colleges & universities. Watch what's on right now, or search for upcoming favorites. Philo T. Farnsworth invented the electronic television in San Francisco, in 1927. On-campus residents can watch live TV and record shows to watch at a later time using Philo. Access Philo Edu by signing in with your Miami credentials. Exceptions: Residents in Riverknoll – within your apartment your free TV and movies will be provided by Direct TV. Only students in residence halls are able to access the full channel list, everyone else sees over-the-air channels only. Philo Edu is a service for students living in on-campus residence halls, not leased housing. Enter SDSUid and password. Still want Philo? For students experiencing issues related to Philo, please confirm with your residential area’s reception desk that you are checked-in to your room. Watch on a Computer. Getting Started If you are having trouble accessing Philo Edu, select "Report an Issue" and complete the form. !! With Philo you can watch TV live and on-demand, with unlimited recording on your devices, so you never miss a minute of your favorite shows. If you are a user of the Philo Edu Service, we receive certain information specific to that Service: To enable the Philo Edu Services, we may receive information from your school, such as a unique token, all or part of your name, your email address, your IP address, or other information about you. On your TV. Go to and select "log in." Enter SDSUid and password. FEATURES - Watch live TV. The service will be available to students living on campus in residential facilities and for the limited number of faculty and staff locations currently using cable TV. It offers entertainment at your fingertips with the ability to watch live TV and record up to 20 hours of your favorite programs - … The system will recognize those who live in the residence halls, allowing them to connect to the service. Students. Enter your [UNIVERSITY … From your smartphone or tablet: 1. Philologus is a fast, streamlined interface to the online Greek and Latin lexica hosted by the Perseus Project. Rice University has partnered with Philo to bring you the most powerful way to watch TV on campus. Free Philo trial (Link opens in a new tab) Give Philo a spin before subscribing. What is IPTV and Philo Edu? You will be able to watch your favorite shows anywhere on campus with an EduRoam wireless connection. Access Philo. Residence Life will be announcing new housing configurations and processes for the coming school year as soon as possible. Contact us. On a Mobile Device. The Philo service is only accessible when attached to the university network (wired or wireless). Trinity faculty, staff, and students. To sign-in, click on "View all providers". Users. Television Service on Campus. Now TV can work around your schedule! Visit http://mcla.philo.comand click “log in” (For the best viewing experience use the Google Chrome or Firefox web browser) 3. Option 1: Roku & Roku TV: Philo is fully compatible with all Roku and Roku TV models. Available To. Philo Edu Internet Television Faculty, staff, and students have access to a lineup of local broadcast channels by logging into Philo Edu Internet Television. Request this Service. search x. Philo Edu allows you to watch live television on your own terms – on laptops and other devices anywhere on campus. Philo allows campus residents to watch live TV and record their favorite shows using their laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and TV sets. Find out how to start your free trial right now.start your free trial right now. Philo Edu delivers live TV and DVR capabilities to your laptops, tablets, smartphones and TV sets anywhere on your campus network. Philo Edu is no longer available. Philo Edu Help Center is the place to go! Where is Philo Edu available? Start watching live TV or record some for later Watch Philo on an iOS device: 1. With Philo, you can watch and record live TV on your computer or mobile device, over the campus data network. You’ll just use your iSpartan login to connect to Philo Edu. Enter your MyMCLA User ID and password 4. Visit; Click the “Log In with Brown University Login” button on the top right and enter your Brown username and password. Download the Philo App for Apple iOS 2. This will take you to the Philo sign-in page.

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